Your Rolfing® Session


What happens during a session?

Sessions run between 50 and 75 minutes. Rolfing® Structural Integration is a partnership between client and practitioner. Throughout the session, you may be asked to lie on the treatment table and/or sit on a bench to receive the work. There are several opportunities each session for you to move naturally about the room and take note of the changes you’re experiencing. This movement also allows Hans to assess your process of structural change.

What do I wear?

Most clients receive work in their underwear. For men, briefs are preferable to boxers; for women, traditional bra and underwear work well. If you’re not comfortable with this stage of undress, there are other options. Talk it over with Hans prior to your first session. Please avoid clothes with lycra.

Is Rolfing® painful?

In the early days, Rolfers were known to push the pain threshold. Thankfully, the Rolfing community has learned pain is not necessary in the process of evoking healthy functioning tissue. As Hans works to reshape existing patterns in the body, there may be moments of discomfort; however, Rolfing is not meant to be painful. Communication is key.